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👋 Whatever you're getting ready for this Monday, @zoetheball has three hours of top entertainment lined up. Our fabulous Matt Baker boy, before Blue Peter & before @BBCThe One Show, as Butch Vendor in 1998(! Ta to listener Andy from Huddersfield for the great pic 🕺@bbcradio2 #countryfilelive #butchvendor pic.twitter.com/0l Wk S6OXh H Good morning, you!

After 8am we'll be chatting to @missmcollins about her starring role in the play How Love Is Spelt! pic.twitter.com/j Mga SZk Fb Y Bracing myself-fond farewells to Ross, Demelza Dwight & George -from my bed schlurping anxiously on a chicken cup’o ‘soup. Alarm set for 3.50am for the few who may be awake tomo 6.30 - 9.30 @bbcradio2 #breakfastshow #motownday #nevercansaygoodbye to #ROSS #DEMELZA 💔💔 pic.twitter.com/y I6ph RUm OE My latest obsession, Fosse/Verdon on @BBCi Player. ✨☕️ Starting Monday on a fabulous note - @zoetheball will be joined by Matthew Kelly for ' Hit Miss or Maybe' and @Vanessa Kirby will be chatting about @Fast Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

RUFUS: You might think all that horse-riding would keep Rufus in shape but he credits his Hercules co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for his muscles.

Rufus has always been a gym addict, but when he met wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne on the 2014 film it became a full-time lifestyle.

But Rufus, 48, has been a pin-up far longer, playing lusty Will Ladislaw in 1994 telly series Middlemarch before moving into movies. That was important.” Poor Aidan has no time to pig out – series three starts filming on Monday.

🏍️ (though you might hear a few screams along the way!

😱) While we fix up our usual studios, travel's @richie_anderson is making a dart across London...

Listen from 6.30am on @bbcsounds: bbc.in/32MKBs C pic.twitter.com/9gm HVJps Tc Mayhem, madness & all the love for these #Friends Round Friday wonders @Official Mel B , @rorybremner & @Kaiser Chiefs #duck.

TOMORROW night TV viewers will be spoilt for choice as Poldark hunk Aidan Turner goes chest-to-chest with Victoria’s charming star Rufus Sewell.

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He said: “We were all eating our own versions of the Dwayne Johnson diet. “But now I’ve got a protein habit I just cannot control. It’s simple to fall in love with her.” Being surrounded by beauties is an occupational hazard for Aidan, who starred with Zoe Tapper, Amy Manson and Jennie Jacques in Desperate Romantics.