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Xref layers not updating

Recent versions have added more functionality to XRefs.You can edit them in the drawing (as opposed to having to open the original file).To do this, just select the XRef in the drawing and right-click.As you can see, there are other options to Open the XRef, Clip it (crop it down) or open the XRef Manager.Download the two files below to use in this lesson: When a team is designing the motel, one person can work on the room and possibly be changing door, wall locations.Another person could be doing a furniture plan (possibly as a nested XRef within the room file), and then one person can oversee the whole project and use the updates on the 'room' drawing to keep a live view of the overall project.In these days of networks and the Internet, many projects are produced this way.

Insert the room to the point shown below at the top of the red triangle: If you still have the XRef Palette open (if you don't, type ATTACH – Attaches another X-ref. RELOAD – Updates the selected XRef - use this if the XRef was changed.

The second file is a typical hotel room and will be referenced by the master file.

This is great example of XRefs are used in the real world.

Auto CAD creates new layer names based on the filename and layer name of the X-ref.

(In Auto CAD R14, you have a limit of 31 characters for these names.

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Here is an overview of the master file, note that it has the lobby, hallway, reception area but no guest rooms: The "Select Reference File" window will open: select a file and press Open.