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"Tweek x Craig" is the sixth episode of the nineteenth season and the 263rd overall episode of the animated television series South Park, written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker.The episode premiered on Comedy Central on October 28, 2015.Initially reluctant, Tweek gets carried away with the performance, portraying himself as the wronged party and Craig becomes massively unpopular, with yaoi artists getting even more inspired by Tweek's heartbreak.Cartman meets Cupid Me at a gay bar to ask him for help, and Cupid Me agrees but insists on having a date with Cartman as payment.Tweek apologizes to Craig for making him appear to be manipulative but Craig rejects his idea to pretend to get back together.Thomas becomes willing to accept his son thanks to a love arrow shot by Cupid Me, and encourages Craig to be gay and gives him money.

All content and photos are regularly checked and updated with real photos.The episode parodies the slash fiction genre of yaoi art and the acceptance of the LGBT community, while continuing its season-long lampoon of political correctness.PC Principal and Wendy host an assembly to introduce students to the Asian art of yaoi, which has increased due to the influx of Asian students.You are currently viewing our site as a 'guest' which gives you limited access, and means you are not able to read or reply to posts or start threads - Click here to register! Quick Forum Links: Wrexham Forum - Live Match Threads - Offtopic Chat - General Footy - Other Sports - Entertainment - New Posts - Live Match Threads RP Homepage Forums List Content is user generated and is not moderated before posting.All content is viewed and used by you at your own risk and RP does not warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the information.

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Cupid Me visits Craig in his sleep and shoots him with a love arrow to help with their relationship.

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