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Why she doesnt bother with dating

Reading a woman’s body language is the quickest way to find out if she’s interested in you.

This is a quick article that gives you the information you need quickly before heading out to the bar with the lads.

(This doesn’t mean you can talk about your love of tuna fish all night!

) The topic of body language is a vast subject which would need at least its own article to even scratch the surface so, for purposes of brevity, we’ll keep things simple for now.

Straightforward, realistic advice from the relationship experts.

This is when she plays her cards close to her chest (just like a poker player) and doesn’t show you her wrists, palms or the inside of her arms.

She’s very guarded and doesn’t feel comfortable with you.

I find it best in situations where I see at least two closed gestures being displayed to simply cut my losses and walk away. These are well known gestures which are recognised by experts.

We dive into them and give you a break down of what she actually means when she is doing some of these.

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