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Zac Brown is the lead singer for the Zac Brown Band which was initially based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Zac came into this world on July thirty-first, 1978.

Zac doesn’t have a dating history and has only ever been romantically linked with Shelly.

Zac is a father to five children, four of them being daughters, Lucy, Georgia, Justice and Joni and a son named Alexander.

Until recently, Zac has had a happy family, but on October 6, 2018, People magazine reported that he and his wife were separating after twelve years of marriage.

Announcing their split, the couple released a joint statement.

It kind of makes sense in a lot of ways as both Efron and Zendaya started out as Disney stars.

According to reports, Zendya had a chemistry test with Zac Efron for director Michael Gracey before the film and apparently, the test went incredibly well!

Zendaya did a good job playing a grumpy teenager in and has also had a hand in musicals and comedies in the past.

Although there have been many attempts to get some words from Shelly about her life, her expectations, and her relationship with Zac, none of them have been successful as she has always refused to give an interview.

Zac and Shelly prefer keeping their personal lives to themselves and don’t talk about their relationship in the media.

Zac is well known all over the world as having an extraordinarily beautiful voice.

The Zac Brown Band has a huge fan base, not only in the United States, but also in many other countries as well.

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