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Who is pooja bedi dating

actress Pooja Bedi and her former husband Farhan Furniturewala. Aalia came in limelight when she participated in a beauty contest with her mom in a reality TV show called Maa Exchange that got aired at Sony Entertainment.

Ebrahim finished her IGSCE and IB from the Jamnabai Narsee International School.

Aaliya is also the granddaughter of the famous actor Kabir Bedi and former model turned classical dancer Late Protima Bedi.

Aalia has been spotted with a mystery guy a number of times but there has been no revelation about who the guy is.

But it is very different with Maneck , her kids they adore him and want him in their lives forever, which is a wonderful feeling as a single parent.

Pooja’ children are happy that she is settling down finally . Speaking about her relationship with Maneck, Pooja said Maneck and her have known each other since our boarding-school days. Though they weren’t that familiar with each other back then, they always had common friends.

It will correct itself when the reasons behind them correct themselves and he has to go through that transformation before that.

Maneck proposed to Pooja on Valentine’s Day (February 14) as he took her on a hot-air balloon ride. In an interview with Times of India, Pooja opened up about her relationship and revealed that the wedding will take place once she knows about her daughter Aalia Furniturewalla’s shooting dates and the schedule of her son Omar Furniturewalah’s college holidays.

Mumbai: Born to bohemian parents, a school topper convinced she would be working in Wall Street, and then ending up entering Bollywood at the age of 18 — it’s been quite a journey for Pooja Bedi. I also recorded a video of me calling the police for help. My friends later told me I should not have gone out of the car.

In the national capital to participate in the Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit organised by The Shift Series in association with NITI Aayog and The Global Education and Leadership Foundation, the Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar actress talked about her life, gave tips for good parenting and even dating advice. It’s so horrible to have jams and air quality like this at 11 at night.

She later joined New York University to study Film and Education.

She changed schools and later joined the New York Film Academy to pursue acting.

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Mothers would keep their daughters away from me for fear they would get corrupted.” She goes on, “I got married at 24 and my husband asked me to quit movies, which I did because I was crazily in love. Then the book Who Moved My Cheese changed my life.” Pooja then embarked on a journey to redeem herself.