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Here's a twist - the two rarely crossed paths in those days."We don't really know each other, we're on the same show and here we are doing this series of movies together," she laughs. It was just another morning in the summer of 2014, and Bissett was working from her home on Lake Sammamish - when he life changed in an instant."I remember thinking that day - 'It's such a beautiful day, I'm so lucky to be working in my bed looking out at this incredible view,'" said Bissett."Then I heard this sound - it was like a high-pitched popping weird sound."Bissett had a friend over at the time, who was downstairs screaming her name."I ran down, and there was just this massive explosion right outside the kitchen on my deck.The barbecue had exploded."The flames had traveled quickly from the deck, up to their bedroom attic, and all the way across to her daughter's room."It's just so powerful when you're in it," said Bissett.She's penned four books including the award-winning "Tickle Monster", all while being a single mom of two and in-demand actress.These days, Josie Bissett is co-starring in "The Wedding March" movie series on the Hallmark Channel with her former Melrose Place castmate Jack Wagner. It's like a it's kind of like a long-lost brother because we have this trust in eachother."Bissett plays Olivia Pershing who reconnects with her college boyfriend years later - when she's just about to marry another man. "So I'm finally playing a romantic comedy-type character and it's the most like me that I've ever played."It may seem like this hometown girl is living a charmed life, but three years ago she almost lost it all, in a catastrophic house fire than reduced her home to rubble."It's just so scary to be in a situation like that and you have no control - watching everything burn."Luckily, everyone escaped, and the firefighters were able to put out the flames."I just couldn't believe my eyes," she remembers."I think it felt like a dream."The flames ravaged Bissett's home, completely gutting it.

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It's easy to forget that her home on Lake Sammammish is a million miles away from where she first made her mark on the evening soap "Melrose Place".

The opening credits showed a bunch of impossibly attractive twenty-somethings walking arm in arm down that famous street in Los Angeles - one of them was Bissett.

She grew up in a close-knit and supportive family."I moved to LA when I was seventeen, eighteen - and began started out modeling and started TV movies," said Bissett.

"Actually commercials were what I did first, because I did not have any aspirations to be an actor." Her plan was to go to college and study design, but before that could happen, "Everything just sort of started to fall into place."She found success early on, playing Cara in the sitcom The Hogan Family."I think that if it didn't happen within a certain amount of time I would have switched careers because it's a tough path," she said. It's a lot of rejection." Bissett played a straight-laced person who was not necessarily the funny one, but turned out to be funny because she was so straight-laced and clueless."I loved it - to me, sitcoms are the most normal show to have to have a normal family, a normal life."Family has always been her top priority.

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Everyone loved Bissett's character, Jane Andrews Mancini - in part because she seemed so nice while the other characters did not.

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