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She said: "We're about to come out on my stage, it's gonna be so fun! Kelly recently admitted she is "slightly terrified" about the responsibility of having her own show.

I know that my kids are going to have that.” Although Brandon Blackstock likes to keep a low profile, he is also very supportive of his wife’s career.

"Then, suddenly, there he was at the [2012] Super Bowl and he was single…" Apparently, Narvel Blackstock reintroduced the two at the event where Kelly performed the National Anthem (nbd). In a 2012 interview with Ryan Seacrest, Kelly revealed that as soon as she met Blackstock and bonded over being from the same hometown in Fort Worth, Texas, she thought to herself "oh, we’re so getting married," per , Kelly gushed about her new love. "My husband and I are really blunt with our kids and I’m like, 'Pretty fades, character lasts.

"I'm so happy now…I love that I'm in a relationship right now," she told the publication. The past five years or so I've found my groove and my balance." One snag? Being fun lasts, being a good human matters and being smart is important,'" Kelly told On the final night of Kelly's 'Meaning of Life' tour, she performed her emotional hit "Piece by Piece," a song she wrote about her loving relationship with Brandon, as well as her difficult one with her father.

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Touring the set in a video posted to Instagram, she said: "I have a show! " She then showed off the rows of seats for the audience and said: "Don't you want to come here? " The show is expected to be filmed three times a week in front of 200 audience members and, according to 'Entertainment Tonight', each episode will kick off with Kelly singing a song chosen by the crowd.