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Dating covers a crucial aspect of human life as it teaches one about the simple yet important things in life such as love, compassion and relationships.But, we should not disregard the fact that it is also considered challenging and confusing for most and can reduce self-esteem or cause anxiety.HPV is very common and usually more harmless than one might think.

Some people may even question if their partner has cheated on them.Dating someone with cancer due to high risk HPV strain might sound frightening to others, yet it shouldn’t have to be.Every relationship evolves and if your partner has this type of cancer, never see the change as a disaster.Some might think that their significant other may soon die of cervical cancer, while some might worry for their own well-being or spreading the HPV virus to others.Not all understand HPV and because of this, some people easily judge those who have HPV.

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Some single people think that it is best to end a relationship after their partner is diagnosed with HPV or genital warts, with some people might think that the visual implications of genital warts are a turn-off (e.g.

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