Validating requirements

Posted by / 24-Apr-2020 18:16

Validating requirements

This definitely will decrease the cost as a result of having a clear, understandable, consistent requirements.

As we’ve just mentioned, the requirements need to be testable.

By validating your requirements with customers, testers and engineers before the product is built, they will feel that their opinions are being heard and they will have a greater inclination to be dedicated to the final product.

Once you have completed validating your requirements, you can be confident that your requirements are well founded and you can begin planning your product release.

It’s a process of ensuring the specified requirements meet the customer needs.

It’s concerned with finding problems with the requirements.

It’s difficult to show that a set of requirements does in fact meet a user’s need.

The engineering team can validate a solution’s technical feasibility.A prototype can be tangible, like a sample piece of hardware a user or tester could touch, or something less tangible like paper screenshots of the proposed solution.Users tend to provide better feedback when the product seems less “finished” as they won’t think that you’re too invested in the outcome.Your users can help to validate the problems that you are trying to solve, as they will be most concerned with their own goals, not product features.Testers can validate your requirements for completeness, and point out scenarios that you might not have considered.

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