Validating image checksum

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Here are the equivalent properties and methods available to us via the SMO Backup object: (This is from the Object Browser in Visual Studio after loading the DLL, where the Backup and Restore objects live.) There are a lot of different reasons why we need to restore databases, so there are a lot more options with restores than there are with backups.The easiest way to demonstrate a restore is to simply restore a database from a full backup, setting the option to overwrite the existing database.Starting with Power Shell version 2.0, Microsoft checks object names during the import process against a list of approved verbs.

(Note that you can use the – In each of these examples, I’ve used just the minimum of parameters to keep the examples simple.Microsoft provided a number of new cmdlets in the SQLPS module, most of which are specific to managing Availability Groups and High Availability/Disaster Recovery.But besides these, they provided four new cmdlets specific to backup and restore operations – cmdlet.You can avoid this error by including the – parameter to the Import-Module cmdlet when you import the SQLPS module.(Note that when you import the SQLPS module your location will be set to the root of the SQL Server provider.

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A parameter I would always include is – as Database, and add the -Incremental parameter.

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