Updating the boroque cello

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The Obligato would be your best option, but the combination of Larsen and Helicore Soft is a slightly less expensive way to experience the warmth and complexity of gut with better response.

Can't wait for you to play your Bach suites on this cello!

We are thrilled to have been invited for an artists' residencey at Avaloch Farm Music institute!

In an age where social media defines public personae, whose fate can ever really be forgotten? Help us out by donating (Partially Tax-Deductible!! We are thrilled to announce our 2012/13 Concert season! Free after admission Siren Baroque, a New York-based all women chamber ensemble, along with special guests from the acclaimed Company XIV theater company, present a pastiche of classical music works about the earthly dreams of paradise, immortality, love, and illusions of grandeur by composers including Caldera, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Purcell, and more in this special Arcadia themed program.

We are honored to be joined by special guest artists and collaborators Daniel Swenberg (Lute & Guitar) and author, Claire Fontijn (Narrator).

Please mark your calendars for this special evening!

Auditors are welcome to register and observe sessions as we explore the culturally rich time of Louis XIV through the eyes of one of his favorite musicians, child wonder Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.

Fascinated with the cello’s origins and the creative process of new music, American cellist Elinor Frey plays both period and modern instruments.

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