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For example, to play Div X-encoded AVI files, download and install the Div X codec.

Installing a required codec usually enables you to use media-player applications, such as Windows Media Player, to play files that were created with that codec.

Further, installing a required codec sometimes enables correct playback of those files in Adobe Premiere Elements.

Only download codecs from established, verifiable software publishers. Installing a new codec typically causes some video or audio files to become unreadable. If you experience problems importing or playing files that are all the same format but are from different sources, the problem is likely that a poorly designed codec is installed on your computer.

Not all codecs can be removed using the Control Panel.

For instructions on how to disable or remove other installed codecs, see these Tech Notes: Use other software to transcode (convert) video files that cause problems when you try to import or play them in Adobe Premiere Elements. You can transcode a file within the same format (for example, transcode a 3ivx-encoded AVI file into a DV-encoded AVI file).

The technical requirements for editing video files are more stringent than the requirements for playing video files.

You sometimes have to transcode (convert) problematic files (see Solution 6).

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If Adobe Premiere Elements freezes, closes, or returns an error when you try to import or play a video, see Troubleshoot File Formats and Codecs.