Updating firmware on mp3 plater Pornroulette

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Hi , i bought th lg bd370 and there is a problem , when i put in it DVD its work great the same thing with mp3 dvd-r or pictures , but it doesn't see avi or mkv files the Movie button in the home menu is unpushable , only when i put in dvd video its working but not with avi (divx/Xvid) or mkv files .( the same thing happend with my usb flash ) what can it be ? [QUOTE=lowellriggsiam;1971570]I don't see that it accepts those formats v=Ofbcya LQXDs like in this video Did you try updating the firmware?Most Blu-Ray players these days are (apparently) usually made region-free by actually modifying the hardware.There are supposedly some that are region-free off the shelf, but I don't remember which ones those were (and the media's probably doing all they can to put an end to that).It is conceiveable that the region code is responsible.On the youtube link there was even a poster that had spoken to tech support and they said it was probably bogus.You can see if someone has modified firmware that'll enable those options, or see if someone has the firmware from another area where they do allow those features, but that's a do-at-your-own-risk sort of thing. Firmware upgrades/downgrades usually require the CDs/DVDs to be burned a specific way, with the firmware having a specific filename.You're using a US player, so you'll need to follow the directions on LG's US site for the player (and use the firmware you can find there).

The USA and Canada are the most region locked places in the world right now.I'm guessing that you got lucky and got a Blu Ray player that can work on dual voltage, but many players sold in North America can't.Windows 10 received a couple of updates as part of this month's Patch Tuesday rollout, so insiders running build 9926 of the technical preview are strongly recommended to deploy both of them as soon as possible.However, unless one of the later or newer versions of the firmware for the US version of the player did allow you to view AVI/MKV, simply going between versions of the US firmware isn't going to help, much.Does the player have the ability to go online and update itself, that way?

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After you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, if your Acer CD / DVD Drivers are not working, you can fix the problem by updating the drivers.