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Updating eggdrop user address

It will change file permissions to allow read/write access for all groups.2: Edit your config file and change the line in the 'Files and Directories' section from: set userfile-perm 0600 to: set userfile-perm 0666.#set reserved-portrange 2020 set ignore-time 15 set hourly-updates 00 set owner "jojo2peter" set notify-newusers "$owner" set default-flags "hp" set whois-fields "url birthday" set die-on-sighup 0 set die-on-sigterm 1 unbind dcc n tcl *dcc:tcl unbind dcc n set *dcc:set set must-be-owner 1 unbind dcc n simul *dcc:simul set max-dcc 50 set allow-dk-cmds 1 set dupwait-timeout 5 ##### MODULES ##### set mod-path "modules/" #### DNS MODULE #### loadmodule dns #### CHANNELS MODULE #### loadmodule channels set chanfile "sitebot.chan" set force-expire 0 set share-greet 0 set use-info 1 set global-flood-chan set global-flood-deop set global-flood-kick set global-flood-join set global-flood-ctcp set global-flood-nick set global-aop-delay set global-idle-kick 0 set global-chanmode "nt" set global-stopnethack-mode 0 set global-revenge-mode 0 set global-ban-time 120 set global-exempt-time 60 set global-invite-time 60 set global-chanset channel add #sitebot #### SERVER MODULE #### loadmodule server set net-type 2 set nick "sitebot" set altnick "sitebot_" set realname "sitebot" bind evnt - init-server evnt:init_server proc evnt:init_server set default-port 6667 set servers set keep-nick 1 set strict-host 0 set quiet-reject 1 set lowercase-ctcp 0 set answer-ctcp 3 set flood-msg set flood-ctcp set never-give-up 1 set server-cycle-wait 60 set server-timeout 60 set servlimit 0 set check-stoned 1 set serverror-quit 1 set max-queue-msg 300 set trigger-on-ignore 0 set exclusive-binds 0 set double-mode 1 set double-server 1 set double-help 1 set optimize-kicks 1 set stack-limit 4 ### SERVER MODULE - OTHER NETWORKS (net-type 5) ### # This settings defines how umode r is understood by Eggdrop.Some networks # use r to indicate a restricted connection.

If you are using an NTFS file system, the follow steps are required since Cygwin uses it owns file permissions: 1: Download chmod, extract to the Windrop directory and run

Only Windrop 1.6.19 and earlier supported Windows NT4.

Since Cygwin 1.7.19 dropped support for Windows 2000 Q: Does Windrop support Windows XP ?

) If using Windrop 1.6.13 or later then open with a text editor (Don't use notepad!

) Read the description above or below each setting and then change the setting Line with a # in front of them are ignored Don't use any | characters for the userfile, chanfile, nick and notefile settings in config file Make sure you change #botcentral and #lamest to the name of your channel in the Channel Module section or comment out those lines with a # Make sure you delete the two lines that start with die or the Windrop won't start.

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Only Windrop 1.6.21 and earlier supported Windows NT4. A: Windrop only supports socks v4 and sun proxies, both without authorization or password support.

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