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Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Format it how you want - like yyyy/mm/dd HH:mm:ss for a full timestamp in 24 hour time.Visit Stack Exchange In an Excel spreadsheet, I'd like to automatically update a cell with the current date and time when another cell is changed (like an update timestamp). I'd like to update them as soon as one of the preceding cells in the row is updated. Now, as long as auto-recalculate (the default) is set, any time another cell is changed, you'll get a fresh timestamp.\# $,0 for rounded whole dollar with a thousand separator (5).\# "$,0.00;($,0.00);'-'" for currency, with brackets around negative numbers and a hyphen for 0 values Besides, sometimes the number may be percentage, you may need to edit the field so that you get .

Or, maybe you want to auto fill weekdays or input random dates in your worksheet?Mail merge is a useful tool to create a set of documents that are essentially the same but where each documents contain unique elements.However, when we merge some mails, we should pay more attention to the format of date, currency and number.This tutorial will show you how to format date, currency and number properly in word during mail merge. Step 2: Press Shift-F9 to make the field coding visible. \# ,0 for rounded whole numbers with a thousand separator (3).Formatting date properly during mail merge in Word Formatting currency and number properly during mail merge in Word Before we change the format of date, number and currency in mail merge, we need to apply following operations firstly. The field you selected should now look like this: , or Generally, we use copy and paste to split a Word document one by one, but the Split Documnet utility can split a Word document based on page, heading1, page break or section break, which will improve the work efficience . \# ,0.00 for numbers accurate to two decimal places, with a thousand separator (4).

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I want to be able to query the user for a new date and then update the Transaction Date field based on what the user entered.