Updating credit card information in itunes

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Below we will detail the exact steps to accomplish this task.Before beginning: note that if you simply add a valid credit card to an Apple ID, the “Verification Required” message will not appear at all, and you can avoid verification for updates and installs as long as you disable “Require Password” for free downloads on the i Phone or i Pad App Store settings.As mentioned in the paragraph directly above this, if you do not see the “None” option available then you likely have an unpaid balance or subscription service associated with the Apple ID.That must be addressed before being able to choose ‘None’ as a payment option.This tutorial will show you how to stop the “Verification Required” message on i OS, either when downloading free apps or app updates on an i Phone or i Pad.Additionally, we’ll teach you why you might see the ‘Verification Required’ popup message in the App Store, and also how to check what is causing that message to appear in the first place, and of course you’ll learn how to fix that message so that it no longer appears. It turns out the “Verification Required” message on i OS is a result of the payment method used on the Apple ID associated with the device.You may discover a “Verification Required” error message when attempting to install or update free apps from the i OS App Store on an i Phone or i Pad, thereby preventing the user from downloading apps or updating any apps.The complete message is either “Verification Required – Before you can make purchases, you must tap Continue to verify your payment info.” or “Verification Required.

Thus, to stop the Verification Required message, in i OS, you will need to change the payment method, either to a valid payment method, or to ‘none’ which allows no payment details to be associated with an Apple ID and App Store.

If you don’t want to add or verify a credit card with the Apple ID, or if the payment method expired, or you don’t want to use one at all, then you must change a setting on your Apple ID to stop the “Verification Required” message.

Here’s how to do that: This should completely resolved the “Verification Required” message when performing App Store actions in i OS, whether updating apps, downloading new apps, or installing any apps, onto an i Phone or i Pad.

We will also show you how to remove or delete a credit card from your i Tunes account, and how you can purchase from the i Tunes Store without a credit card on your account.

And all this can be done right from within i Tunes!

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The quickest way to access your i Tunes account is to click on the Store menu, and choose "View My Account (Your Apple ID)".

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