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What I can't pinpoint is the why the profiledoesn't update.

I think the old profile returns when the tablet is used.

Also, keep in mind that userprofiles don't get written up to the roaming profile until a user logs off.

from a WLAN to a WLAN or a GSM network to a GSM network, has already been described above and is likewise defined by the foreignness of the network based on the type of subscriber entry in the home subscriber register.

In the case of session continuity, seamless access to these services across different access types is provided.

Darren-----Original Message-----From: Active [email protected][mailto: Active [email protected]] On Behalf Of Ernesto Nieto Sent: Monday, January 08, 2007 AMTo: Active [email protected]: [Active Dir] Roaming Profiles not updating I'm having some problems with roaming profiles.

I have several users that use 3 different computers.1 is a table pc, and two are workstations, and sometimes the OS on theworkstation can be XP or win2k.

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Also,keep in mind that user profiles don't get written up to the roamingprofile until a user logs off.

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