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Sphinx carbon dating

The Royal list of Abydoss (Right) - In the hall of records at the temple of Abydos, Seti I and his young son, the future Ramasese II are shown worshipping the cartouched names of 76 of their ancestors.

Unacceptable predecessors such as Hatshwpsut and Akhenaten and the Pharaohs from the Amarna period are omitted from the list.

Originally it had 58 cartouches, but now only 47 remain, running from Anedjib of the 1st dynasty up to Rameses II, again omitting the names of the second intermediate period.

Radiocarbon dating cannot be applied to stone, but it can be used to date fragments of organic material, such as wood and charcoal, which are sometimes found embedded in the mortar between the stone blocks.

The traditional sources for this study are: ancient records and inscriptions, radio-carbon dating and archaeo-astronomy.

Each of theses methods has its own inherent problems associated to it as an accurate means of determination.

This is in accordance with traditional theories about the pyramids.

The stone for this temple is believed to have come from the sphinx enclosure.

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Originally listing over 300 kings, it is written in a fine literate hand around 1200 BC.