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Should you find that VLC isn’t quite feature-packed enough for you – which seems quite unlikely, frankly – extensions can be used to expand its capabilities even further.The program can seem intimidating-looking to start with, but scratch through the tough exterior and you'll find a soft, friendly, accessible center that's impossible to resist.5KPlayer is more than just a basic video player; it supports local playback, streaming video and radio, You Tube downloading and more, including Air Play support for pushing content to other devices.Out of the box, this is an impressively powerful program that supports everything from 360-degree video to 8K formats, and it can be used to play local files, contents on a network, online video, DVDs and more – even videos contained within compressed files.There are advanced controls for tweaking the look and sound of videos so you can get the best possible experience whether you're watch on a laptop, streaming to a TV, or projecting onto your lounge wall.I fell in love with the song so here is the video of The Chainsmokers song Roses featuring ROZES All video courtesy of Youtube and The Chainsmokers Vevo Channel I hope you liked our free six video featuring The Chainsmokers.The six sources of influence model is a powerful model for change.Walking the frame will help you quickly see where you can get your best leverage or where you might be stuck the most.The more you leverage multiple sources the more you set yourself up for success.

Keep in mind I’m still learning and testing the model, and the best thing is always test things for yourself.You can just use me as a springboard 🙂 Here is a tickler list for thinking about the six sources of influence: You can find out more on the strategies from my earlier notes on Influencer Training Day 2.Before you make an action plan, you can analyze the Six Sources of Influence.5KPlayer is free, and this is because it includes ads for other products from the same company.These do not interfere with playback, but they can still be annoying when they rear their heads.

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