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I never really was all that into the circus as a kid, but I sure was into the Rock Show, which was sort of The Circus for kids of my generation. I've been living on the road for much of the last two decades.I get tired and burned out, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I don't write a lot of songs on the road, but I did more than usual on this album and many more were inspired by or set there, either in a literal sense or by something I witnessed or heard about while out there. We went to Europe for our tenth tour over there last summer.I know its shortcomings and strengths but have loved it unconditionally all the same since I was eight-years old. Midnight in office) Patterson Hood - Lead and Harmony Vocal, Electric Guitar / Mike Cooley - Lead Guitar (Beat It Gtr.) / John Neff - Lead Guitar (slide gtr.) / Shonna Tucker - Bass / Brad Morgan - Drums / Jay Gonzalez - B3 I see you're runnin' Baby, out of time. With arms and obligations and tears along the way All I have to do is revel in the everyday Then do it again tomorrow Do it again tomorrow Do it again tomorrow in some other place Lyrics: Patterson Hood / Music: Cooley, Hood, Morgan, Neff, Tucker and Gonzalez © Razor and Tie Music (BMI) (June 17, 2008 - Santa Fe, NM.I ran away and joined the circus and honestly, I'm still as obsessed as I was as a boy. Before and after soundcheck) Patterson Hood - Lead Vocal, Electric and Acoustic Guitar / Mike Cooley - Lead Guitar / John Neff - Pedal Steel / Shonna Tucker - Bass / Brad Morgan - Drums / Jay Gonzalez - B3 and Wurlitzer and Backing Vocal And they fell from the skies with the greatest of ease And they landed on the ground under tents and trapeze And they were told that they fell with such beauty and grace That The Flying Wallendas would be the name on their case And the fine folks of Akron would forever be saying That they flew through the air like the wings of a prayer But they all walked away amidst the gawking and stares And the children revisited their fall in nightmares But they never would stop and they never surrendered And they lived like they died, The Flying Wallendas They could dance on the wire through the fire and the storm John Ringling had seen Karl in Cuba perform And he raised up his kids for performance and stardom They performed center ring at Madison Square Garden With a seven man pyramid folks lined up just to see em Till they fell from the sky at Detroit's State Fair Coliseum And they fell to the ground with the greatest of ease And three didn't get up from the blood in the breeze But Karl wouldn't be stopped from his home in the skies Till he fell from the wire in San Juan and he died In Sarasota as a child my Grandparents lived next door To the surviving Wallendas and their amazing wild stories I was amazed and astounded that the old lady who was out Pruning her orange trees had flown to the heavens and back Lyrics: Patterson Hood / Music: Cooley, Hood, Morgan, Neff, Tucker and Gonzalez © Razor and Tie Music (BMI) (March 1, 2009 - Athens GA.I wrote "Daddy Learned To Fly" on the plane out there. A week later AIG went bankrupt and our national economy collapsed. People are losing jobs and it scares the shit out of me. Riding all through the highways of America (and Europe) trying to make sense of a very different world than the one we grew up in.

I played it for Cooley that afternoon and he actually liked it.

I wrote "The Wig He Made Her Wear" instead, a couple of days before it was recorded. A few days after writing it, we were in the studio to work on this album and we recorded it in one take.

The story we tell in "The Flying Wallendas" is a true one. A few days later, a friend gave me a copy of a book on The Ringling Brothers.

While on that tour we got exhausted, homesick, and froze our ass off.

I grew up in Alabama and just couldn't comprehend how fucking cold England can be in August. Certainly not in a religious sense, but he was a life-long friend to my family, was very good to me as a boy, and became a huge supporter of my band in later years.

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The highs and lows associated with the road and the lives we lead bring a bipolar whiplash of emotions and our songs often reflect that.