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But he said he also wasn't sentenced to death."By no means do I feel like (prison) should be the Taj Mahal," the 48-year-old said, "but you should be treated like a human being."In addition to a medical negligence lawsuit, Sipple also filed a breach of contract suit against Connections for not providing the services outlined in its contract and request for proposal with the Department of Correction.“(Connections)’s acts, in depriving (Sipple) of his rights under the contract to medical necessary care, were intentional, negligent, reckless indifferent, willful, wanton, malicious and outrageous,” the lawsuit said, adding that the company acted in “conscious disregard” for Sipple’s safety and healthcare needs.

Court documents obtained by The News Journal show that Sipple admitted to inappropriately touching a young girl.

“He had every sign and symptom of colorectal cancer.”In 2006, federal authorities were called in to oversee Delaware's prison healthcare after The News Journal published a months-long investigation.

Among the cases featured in the newspaper's series was that of Anthony Pierce, an inmate who died from a brain tumor that grew to the size of a second head.

Hudson said he struggles to understand how this lack of care still takes place.

Medical request submitted by Steven Sipple, a former inmate at James T.

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The state will also hire an outside organization to review Vaughn's grievance process – what is supposed to function as due process for inmates with frustrations, concerns or complaints. The DOC has not had a permanent medical director since long-serving Dr. He continues to serve on a "casual/seasonal" basis, according to the prisons, but the state is seeking to fill his six-figure position. Christopher Bullock, pastor at Caanan Baptist Church near New Castle, say the poor medical treatment continues today.