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But potentially bad for privacy if it carries conversations you have on your phone or home computer over to your work device, where it may be fair game for your employer to read. "Accessing the Skype file did not involve hacking," said Drouin in a phone call."It was like copying a Word document from the computer." Fantasy Interactive moved to dismiss the lawsuit, but a New York judge ruled that the plaintiffs have valid claims under the Stored Communications Act and that the case can move forward to trial, given the allegation that Fantasy Interactive accessed "communications occurring outside of the workplace on Plaintiffs' personal computers." I suspect that the plaintiffs' privacy claims will be undermined by the way that Skype works.

That would usually be the end of that story, but Gould and Snyder decided to sue the company alleging invasion of privacy and violation of electronic communication laws (as well as unpaid overtime and unfair termination), adding another addition to the growing pile of cases filed against employers for close digital monitoring of their employees' activities.Skype is often touted as a private, encrypted method of communication.Gould and Snyder apparently didn't realize that Skype saves transcripts of instant messages, not in the cloud, but in an easily accessed file on the computer a Skyper is using.The man reported the shakedown to cops, providing a possible name for the perpetrator.Investigators have yet to make any arrests, though.

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But when litigation happens, and documents like this start entering the public record, invasions of privacy -- of both defendants and plaintiffs -- are inevitable.

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