S4s dating

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S4s dating

The potential value proposition for the APIs to be developed and lessons learned from the S4S Pilot could include: Research Participants: An easier way of contributing to scientific progress and sharing medical records with researchers that doesn’t require faxed forms, delays, or in-person visits.

Researchers: A simple path to receive research participants’ basic clinical data, including essential details like lab results, vital signs, problem lists, medications, and immunizations, potentially increasing participation in studies.

Whilst we work primarily in the North West, we can cover the whole of the UK.

With a range of modern technology machinery, this can be achieved efficiently.

This requires standards and specifications to support this use case, but the pilots aim For this reason, the pilots will build on existing open community efforts.

This work will align with ONC’s strategy to connect and accelerate a FHIR ecosystem, leveraging the growing interest in an industry-wide approach to open, standardized APIs in health care.

This program will guide you through the basics of supporting FHIR with SMART’s OAuth profiles.EXTRAS - If you would like the party duration longer than 1 hour then we offer an "ADDED TIME" deal where we can extend the length of party for an extra 30 minutes.Also if you are expected to have over 20 children then we will need to supply another coach so this is an added cost also.3.Many S4S vendors and providers are also participating in the Argonaut Project, which is an ecosystem-wide effort to support the implementation of these same open specifications.S4S will leverage the work conducted by Argonaut, so participating vendors will be able to leverage those efforts for S4S.

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Under the hood, the S4S Pilot will use HL7’s FHIR specifications for data models and a REST API and SMART Health IT OAuth profiles for security.

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