Rss feeds are not updating

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Rss feeds are not updating

Then, the website author uses this XML file to add an RSS feed to web pages on the site.

The XML file automatically syndicates new content through this RSS feed in a standard format that displays in any RSS reader.

Up to the introduction of Firefox 52 XUL and SDK plug-ins provided some feature rich enhancements to the Firefox experience. The No Script developers wanted to minimize the security holes so you could decide to selectively allow some of these apps to run.

A new version of RSS was released in 2002, and the technology was renamed to Really Simple Syndication.

Read this answer in context After "upgrading" to Firefox Quantum most of my RSS feeds/live bookmarks fail to update.

The links work and even creating a new live bookmark on the page fails to load. Please uninstall Flash 26.0 r0 as is a big security issue. .) Note: Other software is offered in the download. Please uninstall Flash 26.0 r0 as is a big security issue. .) Note: Other software is offered in the download.

If you decide to try that and it doesn't work with RSS then I will just remove it and move on and enjoy Firefox!

Hi Rakeun, ''' The No Script add-on''' I was using No Script add-on myself until Firefox 57 was introduced.

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When website visitors subscribe to this RSS feed, they read the new website content in an RSS reader.

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