Rowupdating command in gridview Gr sexonline

Posted by / 26-Mar-2020 02:43

Once I checked Is Post Back in Row Updating event..

I have to populate the dropdown control so that in editing the user can select value from the control. JQuery Gantt, JQuery Calendar, Site Minder/AD Authentication, Customizable Languages, Custom Fields, Lucene.

Dear All, In Row Updating event of a Grid View I am trying to update the database picking the values of bound text Boxes in the Edit Item Templates. I confirmed update works by giving some other text vlaues instead of those retrieved from TB1, TB2, and TB3. I checked your code, it is working very good; below example of the code I used here...

But Values retrieved from the tex Boxes are old values (not the newly typed in values in Edit mode) So in effect no updating is happening.

But as user stops clicking button, after a minor delay, editing mode of gridview goes away and binding after update is fired.

Bad thing is that the sql table updates each time button is clicked. Here is code I am using Markup of command field inside Grid View1: Disable the update link button at the end of the row updating event.

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