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However, contrary to popular belief, Rome did not sow Carthage's fields with salt.

Instead, it rebuilt the city as a Roman colony and did the colonial thing of exporting all the foodstuffs of Africa back to feed Roman Italy.

For example, the prophecy that "a savior would come out of Judea" was popular in the Roman Empire; so popular that the biographer Suetonius saw fit to mention it in his De Vita Caesarum in 121 C. However, Suetonius identified the savior as the Emperor Vespasian The first hints of Italian civilization appeared around 5,000 BCE, as Neolithic farmers began to settle the peninsula.

Marius capitalised on the lack of opportunities for the poor and began a movement towards a permanent professional army.

Coupled with the depletion of traditional sources of men, the Republic began to resort to the raising of armies not for itself, but through the personalities of generals, making troops more loyal to single men than to the state.

Despite this, they were basically the same exact government, the key difference being the establishment of an executive branch, overseen by an elected and non-autocratic pseudo-monarch, or "Roman Emperor".

The beginning of the Roman Empire played a strong role in the build-up of eschatological theories prior to and during the life of Jesus around the early 1st century CE.

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The First of the "Punic Wars" was a territorial affair, where Rome ended up conquering Sicily and the majority of Spain.