Resource in use updating firmware 4560

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Resource in use updating firmware 4560

As shown, LTE / SAE network 1 includes at least two types of network element control plane and user support: is referred to as an evolved Node B, or "e Node B" enhanced base station 110; 120 and SAE gateway.e Node Bll O LTE air interface and provides radio resource management, and SAE gateway 120 provides a mobile anchor point for the user plane and providing a gateway service to the IP network 140, the IP service network 140 may include the Internet, intranets and other IP-based Service Network.

By way of non-limiting example, may be passed as a transaction history from the transaction ー control information to the other nodes ー control nodes may comprise a mobile station exists which has a cell and the mobile station how long the information related to the presence, and description information of the uplink and downlink data transmission activity of the mobile station.

Although each of the controllers (in the case of an e Node B in an LTE system) can monitor the activities of the mobile station at the time of service for a particular mobile station, but this information is often lost when switching to another controller in the mobile station.

In a system using the centralized control architecture, this is not a problem, because such systems typically cover a number of cell controller, and the mobile station is typically controlled by the same controller longer period of time.

In some such embodiments, the controller can be applied to a predetermined maximum size FIFO policy, delete the oldest message to make room for updated information that exceeds the size of the transaction in history.

In other embodiments, information may be, exceed a certain lifetime to remove (age) the transaction information from the transaction record in the history, i.e.

resource in use updating firmware 4560-60resource in use updating firmware 4560-75resource in use updating firmware 4560-24

For example, if the transaction history of mobility related information indicating that the mobile station 160 has been frequent switching, the controller may determine that the micro-macro cell neighbor cell is more than suitable as a handover target.