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NET environments, and is firewall-friendly, using standard HTTP(S) ports.Binary is supported by all implementations, while only . The OPC UA specification is a multi-part specification and consists of the following parts: In contrast to the COM-based specifications, the UA specifications are not pure application specifications.In October 2012 the German Fraunhofer-Application Center IOSB-INA and the Institute for industrial Information Technologies (in IT) showed, that an OPC-UA server is scalable down to 15 k B RAM and 10 k B ROM and therefore usable at chip level.

Although the original binding to COM/DCOM helped OPC to distribute well, it had several drawbacks: These drawbacks along with a number of other considerations pushed the decision to develop a new and independent stack for OPC UA, which replaces COM/DCOM.

The Beckhoff PLC is based on Windows XP Embedded and the embedded controller is based on the real-time operating system Euros.

The company Embedded Labs Ltd demonstrated an OPC-UA Server based on their own C UA Stack executing on a single chip ARM microcontroller with 64k B RAM.

Regards, Frank Keijzers "this is not (necessarily) correct, the modification time of a directory will be the time of the last file *creation* in a directory (and not in it's sub directories)."This is not (necessarily) correct either. For example the command "touch directory" updates the timestamp of a directory without file creation.

Also file removal will update the timestamp of a directory.

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