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After all, when you put a group of women of a certain age together it’s only a matter of time before talk turns to the size of their bottoms and their latest dieting attempts.

The Food Of Love (Lake Union Publishing) tackles some uncomfortable truths.

The week Young was eliminated the theme was "Songs from the Great American Songbook," with Rod Stewart as mentor.

Young sang "That's All." He changed his look for this performance, slicking his hair back and dressing up in a suit and tie.

He also formed a charity called "Highrollers With Heart" that raised 0,000 to help Children's Hospital in Denver build the Family Hospitality Suite.

Young wrote the chorus for Daughtry's debut single, "It's Not Over." The song was nominated for Best Rock Song at the 50th Annual Grammy Award nominations on December 6, 2007.

The protagonist is a mother of an anorexic teenage girl who is herself obsessed with her daily diet.

In my 30s, after I had my son, now aged 19, I ballooned to a size 24.

We are women at a stage of life when we should surely know better than to ruminate daily on the calories of this and the virtue of eating, or not eating, that.

She would then ‘balance it out’ by starving herself the next day.

Another woman, in her late 50s, said she regularly offered to nip to Mc Donald’s to buy a grandchild a Happy Meal as a treat.

And that you don’t feature on that spectrum at all?

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Imagine a sufferer and I expect you picture an anorexic teenage girl or bulimic young woman — someone stick thin who is starving herself or a binge-eater who gorges on mountains of food before throwing it all up.

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