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Rachel bilson and scott porter dating

He jokingly replied that he did not “get the reference” being made in Bilson’s caption quoting the theme song. Bilson and Brody (Seth Cohen) starred alongside Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper), Ben Mc Kenzie (Ryan Atwood), Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen), Kelly Rowan (Kirsten Cohen) and Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper).days, her reunion selfie with Brody comes months after she posted a throwback snap of herself in character as Summer Roberts on the teen series. The popular show followed troubled teen Ryan as he became entangled in the lives of the wealthy residents of Newport Beach in Orange County, California., Bilson and Brody’s characters developed an onscreen romance.Life must go on for the folks who live in Bluebell, Alabama.Viewers will get one last chance to say goodbye to Dr. The show apparently could not survive the highly-rated shows that it was competing with in their 8/9c time slot.While that might be one of the reasons for the show going off the air, there have been many other theories, like the fact that its leading star got pregnant.

The show's abbreviated 10-episode fourth season comes to a close on Friday with a series finale that will hopefully leave fans satisfied."This is a season for the fans and we are building toward what will be an amazing, celebratory resolution while still leaving some doors open for the future," Hart of Dixie creator and exec producer Leila Gerstein told Yahoo.While there was speculation about the show's renewal, ultimately The CW did announce that Hart of Dixie was canceled.These three characters will be recurring for at least six episodes of the show, which is great news for Bethel and his fans.Meanwhile, Rachel Bilson has had her hands full with a different kind of job—motherhood!

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But the very talented cast has already moved onto other endeavors, even though they're sad that their days in Dixie have come to an end. Sounds like Bilson will be using this time off to spend with her adorable newborn. I can just see this little toddler waddling around the house."The 30-year-old actor already has a next gig lined up: He'll appear in 10 episodes of ABC's new drama series Astronaut Wives Club , which was developed by Hart of Dixie exec producer Stephanie Savage. Bethel has also created two webseries for CW Seed, the channel's online video platform: Stupid Hype is a nostalgic look at the '90s, while L. Rangers is about park rangers who aspire to work in Hollywood (above).

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