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It was early summer and I was genuinely pissed off about all these weeds.I would rant about it to my wife and she would stare at me blankly, like she couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. I chipped my tooth stage diving at a Circle Jerks concert. (I've heard Conan O’Brian lifted that name for a bit.Pulling weeds is the agricultural equivalent of being a peg boy on a ship.Even in pornos, the gardener who gets laid is never the one weeding; he’s the one cutting grass.If there is someone pulling weeds in a porno, he’s looking in the window at the grass cutter getting some action while he keeps himself busy with a garden gnome. Sorry.) I live in a condo on a big corner lot on the East Side of Milwaukee.It’s a small condo association, and I take care of the lawn work; it keeps me off the board.It's about not giving a flying fuck what the outside world thinks.The next time you're faced with a problem that seems insurmountable, just ask yourself "What would a smart-ass teenager in a Misfits T-shirt do? Run wild in the streets on the two small corner patches. But if I’m walking by the front lawn or that long patch on North Avenue and I see some chickweed trying to take over, I draw the line.

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It was clear I was fighting my own personal battle. How did I become a middle-aged guy fussing over his lawn? I hope our old drummer Richard Sinn doesn’t find out for the sake of Mr.

O’Brian’s kneecaps.) Was this new, slightly botanical me a let down to my 20s punk rock self?

Eric obviously fumbles with Donna's bra every time they are together. At the end of the episode, after Red and Kelso successfully adjust the Pong game and Red says that Kelso has seen the future, Kelso's response is "home computers".

In 2013, Ashton Kutcher, who played Kelso, would play Steve Jobs, who was a pioneer in home computers.

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They are exactly like the thumbnail, very good quality, and they're not too high heeled inside, so i could walk around campus as much as I want and not get tired~!