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Second, these measures are often adapted for use in the field.Generally, the additions that captured physical and psychological violence were taken from established scales, whereas items added to measure electronic and sexual violence were frequently project-developed.There is also a lack of consensus about whether electronic abuse is a unique type of violence requiring a separate measurement scale, or whether technology just provides another means for perpetrating psychological and sexual violence and stalking.Otherwise, it will be difficult to have confidence in the validity and reliability of estimates to determine the magnitude of the problem, to conduct ongoing surveillance, and to accurately evaluate interventions.Next, we summarize key highlights of our scan and address a few considerations for future research aiming to capture dating violence in adolescent relationships.

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This review aimed to summarize the behavioral measures of adolescent dating violence that are currently being used in research and evaluation, including common adaptations to these measures, and gaps between the definition of dating violence and forms of dating violence measured.