Principles of christian dating

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Principles of christian dating

I remember after the date having a deep sense that we had become deeper friends by the end of the date than we were before it started.To this day we remain good friends, and I fully believe that date had a lot to do with it.In modern America, people often start going out simply because they find each other physically attractive.And when you add in the powerful romantic feelings that often accompany dating relationships, you can get a recipe for couples whose relationship is made of nothing more substantial than sexual and emotional attraction.I remember when I once took a casual friend on a date.She and I had been acquaintances beforehand, but I hadn’t spent much time with her and didn’t know too much about her.

The first thing we should recognize is that those feelings of romantic attraction aren’t bad or wrong.

Sometimes these two things seem contrary to each other.

After all, dating often takes the form of going out with people you recently met or don’t know very well.

These hazards have caused some Christians to feel that you can’t build friendships through dating and should avoid dating altogether.

But I would say wisdom reveals that it really is possible to build healthy, uplifting friendships through dating, as long as we pay attention to several important principles.

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Two people can realize that they aren’t right for each other as romantic partners but can still be friends.