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Father George: How did you move from satanism to paganism?Ivan Liskov: At some point, I and the person that got me into satanism decided that satanism was simply an opposition to God, some sort of internal squabble between the Jews.I got used to the fact that stories about witches, magic and demons were gradually becoming a part of my life.This became normal and I was no longer afraid of them.I became interested in specific types of magic and started thinking about trying something myself.

It was the early 1990’s, and there were all sorts of newspapers.There was a Hebrew God, Jehovah, and there was the devil that opposed him.But we are not Jews, why do we need this Jewish egregore, these Hebrew words and system?I started reading that newspaper regularly and this gradually led me to the world of the occult. Ivan Liskov: It is not that I liked it all—in the beginning I was just fascinated.There was something mysterious and mystical about it, and I was intrigued.

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This was some kind of a bridge leading me from the fairy tale world of dreams about warlocks to the world of our Russian countryside. I took an interest in ethnography and the history of Slavs.