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Play the termite dating game

There were three passengers in my car, and I was following a white van with government plates carrying nine more. Earlier that year I'd done a story for The Atlantic about Phil and thirty-eight other scientists who sequenced a million genes from the microbes found in the guts of Nasutitermes corniger — termites they'd found in trees in Costa Rica.

Between these two vehicles we had eleven microbial geneticists from six countries with nearly three hundred years of collective education. Because termites are famously good at eating wood, the genes in their guts were attractive to government labs trying to turn wood and grass into fuel: "grassoline." The white van and the geneticists all belonged to JGI.

When I received Phil's email, I had been writing about the problems of petroleum for seven years, and I was staring at twenty open PDFs about energy on my computer's desktop.

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What begins as a natural history of the termite becomes a personal exploration of the unnatural future we’re building, with darker observations on power, technology, historical trauma, and the limits of human cognition.

Whether in Namibia or Cambridge, Arizona or Australia, Margonelli turns up astounding facts and raises provocative questions.

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