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She has calm and delicate nature which rules her mind and soul and she has a wonderful yet sensitive serenity about her.

She supports her lover no matter what he decides to do and knows enough to keep to her and not delve into his inner most personal thoughts.

But she is not good at making decisions and may be found confused in some of the ways.

Pisces woman understands the dreams of her Pisces man and admires them too.

He may appear to have his head in the clouds, but his thoughts are of the worldliest thoughts.

The lover of a Pisces man must possess an understanding of the way his quizzical mind thinks as well as the ability to not strap him to her insecurities or criticize him for the passions his spirit holds.

Even these humblest of love birds have to work on some of the problems that can hinder their relationship’s progress.

She is quite intuitive and if she notices her Pisces man withdrawing from her or his activities, she can show him that she is more aware of him and that she listens to him and gives him the best advice she knows how to give.

She is very good at reading her Pisces man and can give insight into why he is feeling down.

The Pisces woman possesses much of what her Pisces man does.

She is gentle, she is polite but her mood swings overcome her.

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