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HIV infection and AIDS mortality affect primarily the young, most productive segment of the population.Among newly infected people in SSA in 2016, 40% belongs to the age group of 15–24 years and the majority (60%) of these infections occurred among young girls [4].The town is one of the most popular resort areas in Ethiopia visited by many foreigners and national tourists.Study populations of the quantitative data were preparatory students (grade 11-12) from five randomly selected schools in Hawassa town in 2010/11 academic year.

The higher risk of HIV infection among young girls can go beyond them due to sexual networking that makes the whole generation vulnerable [18]. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Young people in Sub-Saharan Africa are affected by HIV pandemic to a greater extent than elsewhere.Transactional sex among adolescent school girls with older men commonly called “sugar daddies” is one of the major factors fueling the spread of the infection due to the extended sexual network.The chance of getting HIV/AIDS among young females is increasing rapidly over time than males of the same age group [5].In Ethiopia, HIV/AIDS prevalence is higher in young females than males [3].

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Girls who were in older age group [OR (CI) 6.87 (3.48-13.58)], who had lost both parents [OR (CI) 2.99 (1.14-7.84)], had perceived less economic status [OR: 25.41; 95% CI: 7.80-82.76] and engaged in substance abuse [OR (CO) 5.8 (2.1-15.77)] had higher odds of practicing transactional sex with “sugar daddies”.

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