Naruto dating hinata

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Hinata’s interest in Naruto wasn’t born of romantic infautation.

Instead, she admired his commitment to training: no matter how many mistakes he made he always continued on in his missions.

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The villagers, despite initially being forbidden to talk about it, treated him differently as a result.

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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction A fan fiction about Naruto and Hinata finally getting together It also includes other ships such as Neji Ten, Sasu Saku, Kiba Hina JK, Kiba Ino, and since there is not a person for them in the actual show I created two OC's for some people. Naruto I took a quick shower and instead of my every day orange jump suit. "Hey Hinata you look Beautiful" Naruto said with his dazzling smile which made me feel better. Y-you look nice too" "I like your sweater it's the same color as my shirt know it looks like we are together" He said excitedly He offered me his hand and I took it. "Great I hope you like the ramen" He said We ordered our food. When he was done he slouched down and rubbed his belly. I assumed Naruto used the shadow clone justice because i herd a bunch of hurry ups and shut up she can hear you.

I put on a light blue button down shirt and a pair on black pants. I had never eaten here before but the ramen was delicious. Then the door opened and Naruto let me in the room.

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Once the idea sunk in I realized that I had to get ready. I picked out this White v neck t shirt and a thin light blue button down sweater with some blue jeans. I opened it exited hoping it was Naruto but it was neji. Where you going" Neji asked "o-oh Neji-sama I'm j-just going to g-go out w-with a f-freind" I said "In that case may I come to Hinata" He asked I panicked. I was just messing with you" He said I pushed him playfully. He looked a little shocked but then gave me a really big smile. The kiss was better then I ever could have imagined. "oh uh...." is all she said "w-well d-dont tell Neji i s-said this b-but he l-likes you" I said conflicted I think she dose like Neji but I'm not sure if he would like me telling her.

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