Mmamba privedatings2016 combroadcast

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Mmamba privedatings2016 combroadcast

Ninjaman - Murder Dem (Danny Byrd Remix)Unglued - Born In ‘94 ft. MC Conrad Clipz - Down 4Makoto - Shine On Through ft. Keeno Lakeway - Aches & Pains Alton Ellis - I’m Still In Love (TI Remix)Askel & Elere - Deluge John Holt - Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)Samurai Breaks - Pump Up The Volume Hugh Hardie - Raindrops ft. Chris Goss sits in for London Elektricity this week bringing you some exclusive heat from S. Y's brand new 'Dubplate Style' album, sizzling cuts from the forthcoming Kings Of The Rollers LP and a hot selection of Drum and Bass promos ~ get ready! Fruit 'Obsession' EP, plus a bunch of cuts from the nearly sold out Sick Music 2019... Fruit 'Bright Spot'Silent Dust & Dominic Ridgway 'Don't Think'Anile 'Allergens (Bop Remix)'Dharma Kaya 'Eclectic'Grafix 'Frozen'Gridlok 'Blush'Lucy Grimble 'Keeper (Influxx Remix)'Natural Forces 'Bloodline'Fanu 'Drums for Freedom'MRSA 'Nail Out'Dkay & DJ Lee 'Raged'S. 'Akuratyde & Bop 'Passengers'Bou x Unglued 'Ascendant Man'Giganti 'Rico Law'Nuff Pedals 'Drive By' London Elektricity is back, hot off his AU/NZ tour - bringing you a huge selection of tracks from the Sick Music 2019 compilation which dropped on Friday, a brand new exclusive Med School premiere, and the usual dose of D&B promo's... London Elektricity 'Funkopolis'Flava D 'Return To Me'Culture Shock 'Take Control'Total Science, Digital & Spirit 'Cookie Monster'Klute 'Take a Breath VIP'Degs (ft. Jalex – Everything I Can’t Speak About An extra special and extra epic podcast this week after Camo & Krooked took over the Hospital studio to record episode 154. Rothwell)’Kings Of The Rollers ‘Guitar Track’Metrik ‘Hackers’Calyx & Teebee ‘War Dub’High Contrast ‘Days Go By (2019 Mix)’Dilemma ‘Gone Too Soon (Ft. Y ‘See Your Face Again’Electrosoul System ‘Quest’Camo & Krooked ‘Atlas’Mampi Swift ‘Victory’HLZ & MC Fats ‘Mystery Sound’Particle ‘Tape Pack Flex’In Most x Saikon ‘Untold History’A. Robert Manos)’Polaris ‘Kessel Run’Lakeway ‘Hold U’London Elektricity ‘Remember The Future (Mitekiss Remix)’Kings Of The Rollers ‘Tisno’Urbandawn ‘Come Together (Ft. Irah)’Ill Truth ‘So Addicted’Satl ‘Maj’ This week, London Elektricity takes us on a journey through Bop's recently crafted 'dub techno' universe, an extended podcast featuring solely on Bop's own music, be that music from his current 'Untitled Patterns' project and recent productions & remixes that fit the template! MC GQ)’Kolectiv & Incognito ‘Circle Of Sound (Fearful Remix)’Muffler ‘Puzzle’The Vanguard Project ‘Stitched (Ft Jemimah Read) (Calibre Remix)’Kings Of The Rollers ‘Shella (Ft. Y, Whiney, Keeno & Polaris along with a bunch of fresh music from the Drum & Bass world! Fruit ‘Please, Arrive’Logistics ‘Levitate’Hybris ‘Arbil Barbio’DJ Limited ‘The Jaguar’Mitekiss ‘Lie Awake (ft. Please Head To It’s Episode 398, very near the next milestone, but before that, it’s time to focus on the brand new ‘Jet Star Meets Hospital’ remix compilation album... As usual, London Elektricity is in the hot seat to guide you through the latest that Hospital Records have to offer, along with some freshness from Med School & a few choice tracks from the wider Drum & Bass world!

Hugh Hardie - Footprints Dogger x [XSR] - Sweet Jungle Neve - Feel It Voltage - Bad Boy Selection Skeptical - Musket Kyrist - Get Nasty Keeno - Unearthed Oliver Yorke - U No Hugh Hardie - Tomorrow's Sun (ft. De Tune) 'Poveglia (Whiney Remix)'John Holt 'Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)'BCee 'Shouting About Nothing'Muffler 'November'Lakeway 'War Dub'Makoto x Hugh Hardie 'Bluebird'Gridlok 'It's Not Techno'Serum 'Mixed Grill'Phentix 'Satori'Agzilla 'Tripping Over Laces'A. After being fed with plenty of beer the boys recorded a wicked show in which they reveal plenty of new tracks from the album “Cross The Line“, answer all of your questions, drop some exclusives from their producing friends and start plenty of beef with Fred V amongst others ;-). Fruit 'Obsession' We kick off the 2019 podcast campaign with a ram packed Democast. Camo & Krooked – Far Away Camo & Krooked – Run Riot Sigma feat I-Kay – Night & Day Camo & Krooked – Afterlife Metrik – Genesis Camo & Krooked – Hot Pursuit DKay – Serenade Camo & Krooked – Funk You Camo & Krooked – Cryptkeeper BCEE feat Robert Owens – Keep The Faith Camo & Krooked feat Ayah Marar – Watch It Burn Culture Shock – Ohrwurm Camo & Krooked feat Ayah Marar – Cross The Line Stanton Warriors – Shoot Me Down – Sigma Remix Camo & Krooked feat TC – Make The Call – D&B Mix Netsky - 911 Gridlok - Smuggler Tantrum Desire - Get With It Chris SU - Illusions Netsky - When Darkness Fall (Feat. Tyson Kelly)Kings Of The Rollers - Flamingo D'TCH - You Can't Stop Tolima Jets - Donnie Hugh Hardie - Raindrop (ft. Kiat)Belly L & Inja - Vanta Blackin Polaris - Receiver Fred V - Voyage Euphonique - 23 Style (ft. Mad Rush) London Elektricity is back in the hot seat with 15 hot new tracks, featuring exclusives from the forthcoming HOTB2019 compilation and freshness from Fred V!

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