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Two hundred of the samples came from long-lived bristlecone pines that were growing in California and Nevada during the specified timeframe.

The remaining 85 were from Irish oak trees from the same time.

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But scientists have had difficulty establishing exactly when the Minoan volcano Thera erupted - until now.

If this cooling reached both Ireland and the US, evidence would be visible in the tree rings - and it was.

During cooler years, both species of tree produce a thinner ring.

A volcanic eruption as large as Thera would probably have caused a temporary cooling effect, as small particles of ash blocked the light of the Sun; such clouds can stay in the atmosphere for months.

In addition, if the volcano emitted sulphur dioxide, this could have reached the stratosphere, combining with water particles to form sulphuric acid aerosols that also block solar radiation.

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C-14 dates from Tell el-Dab(c)a in the eastern Nile Delta show that the C-14 age of the Santorini eruption matches With C-14 results from 18th Dynasty strata C3 and C2.