Mcafee epo updating external users

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The figure below shows an example of how your Mc Afee e PO server and components inter-relate in your secure network environment.1 Your Mc Afee e PO server connects to the Mc Afee update server to pull down the latest security content.Super Agents distribute the bandwidth load of concurrent wake-up calls.Instead of sending agent wake-up calls from the server to every agent, the server sends the Super Agent wake-up call to Super Agents in the selected System Tree segment.e Policy Orchestrator software is designed to be extremely flexible.

If you operate in a Windows environment and plan to use agent wake-up calls to initiate Agent-server communication, consider converting an agent on each network broadcast segment into a Super Agent.

The software follows the classic client-server model, in which a client system (system) calls into your server for instructions.

To facilitate this call to the server, a Mc Afee Agent is deployed to each system in your network.

The first time you create a new policy, the Mc Afee Default policy settings appear as a guideline.

This enables you to configure only the settings you want to change without having to configure them all.

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When Super Agents receive this Wake-up call, they send broadcast wake-up calls to all agents in their network broadcast segments.