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Matt taibbi dating

So they destroyed all the evidence of all MUIs dating back to 1993, and that might be as many as 18,000 cases. Matt Taibbi: Under the authority of the enforcement division. And, you know, apparently, according to my sources, this was illegal.

You can’t just unilaterally shred any government document, no matter how insignificant.

Matt Taibbi, the star magazine writer hired earlier this year to start a satirical website for billionaire Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media, is on a leave of absence from the company after disagreements with higher-ups inside Omidyar’s organization, a source close to First Look confirmed today.

(below.) Taibbi’s abrupt disappearance from the company’s Fifth Avenue headquarters has cast doubt on the fate of his highly anticipated digital publication, reportedly to be called Racket, which First Look executives had previously said would launch sometime thisautumn.

Prior to joining First Look, Taibbi made his name by gleefully skewering fat targets for Rolling Stone — most famously, he described Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity” — and he said at the time of his departure that he was lured away by the chance to lampoon the financial industry in the “simultaneously funny and satirical voice” associated with the legendary magazine Spy.

Over the succeeding months, the mission of the publication broadened to encompass political satire as well, and it brought on a number of high-profile names from the New York digital scene, including deputy editor Alex Pareene, formerly of Salon; Laura Dawn, a digital video producer who formerly worked with; and Edith Zimmerman, editor of therole.” Omidyar originally conceived of First Look as a network of interlinking sites run by “independent” journalists, many of whom took a similarly adversarial approach to journalism.

Like its counterpart the Intercept, launched earlier this year by Glenn Greenwald and others to pursue investigations of surveillance and the intelligence world, it was a venture centered around a brand-name polemicist without much management experience.For instance, Ellen Miller, head of the campaign finance watchdog the Sunlight Foundation — a nonprofit also heavily financed by Omidyar — met with the staff over the summer to discuss how it might dig into issues of money inteam.” Taibbi’s clashes with those at the top are likely to drive further speculation about the fate of the long-incubating project and about the journalist’s own continued involvement. Now we turn our focus to exploring next steps for the talented team that has worked to create Matt’spublication.I remain an enthusiastic supporter of the kind of independent journalism found at The Intercept and the site we were preparing to launch.Although those hired have been reassured that the project would continue on during the unspecified term of Taibbi’s absence, the launch date for Racket — which Taibbi indicated in September would be coming “in a month” — now appears to have been pushed We have a target date but I wouldn’t make a launch date public,” said Temple, who is based in San Francisco, when reached by phone this morning. surveillance leaked by Edward Snowden to Greenwald and his Intercept colleague Laura Poitras.“I don’t comment about internal matters and I don’t comment on personnel matters. Omidyar initially committed 0 million to the project and began laying plans for a large general interest website and a number of more narrowly focused “digital magazines.” In July, the billionaire announced he was scaling back the plan for the time being, choosing instead to focus on Racket and the Intercept as prototypes for a new technological model of journalism.

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One of the first cases that he talked about was one where he was trying to pursue a case involving Deutsche Bank, a very promising securities fraud case, but it was rejected by the chief of the enforcement division, who shortly thereafter took a job as the general counsel of Deutsche Bank.

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