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As you told me, you were in the middle of something important, and you wish I would have been more patient and understanding.I also wanted to tell you that I do care about you, and I am interested in hearing about you; it’s just that sometimes I get too absorbed in my own problems, and I might come across as insensitive.Please feel free to tell me at any time “Hey Silvia, I would really like to share something important with you now and I would like your full attention”. Is there any other way in which I could support you?When you dedicate focused time to write to people, they will feel valued and loved — even if your grammar is imperfect and your structure inconsistent.Also, this is not restricted to people who live far away from you. If you start writing or typing and do it for a long enough period of time, even if at first you feel stuck, your brain will eventually start making valuable connections and accessing gradually more interesting thoughts.

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So I did the following: I asked her to meet me the next day; then I went for a walk to organize my thoughts, and when I came back I proceeded to structure my ideas the best way I knew how: with a pen and a piece of paper.

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