La corda doro dating sims game internet dating true love

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La corda doro dating sims game

Example of a profile screen, where you can view a character's feelings (love and/or rivalry) toward you, as well as that character's preferences. There are several Selection concerts that each rank a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place performer of the 7 contestants. you get to interact with things and grow) are fun, ahaha...

Learn songs through obtaining keywords and finding fairies~ Befriend them and.. Person with the best average ranking wins the whole competition. I hear that Shoku-dan's sub of episode 1 is almost done. 2009 Yumeiro Ptissire (Ichigo), Kiruminzuu (Riko), Yutori-chan (Yutori-chan).

In La Corda d'Oro 2 Encore I have opened all videos.

In the first game, you compete against the boys to win a music competition. -ok sorry i was just looking for ppl that had posted something about it ok- oh n i saw the anime n i plan on playing it but first i have to find it n i liked it cuz i play an instrument n all so i liked it ^_^ so were did u find the game i've looked every were!!!!!

One day she runs into Lili, a musical fairy, who grants her a magical violin and a place in the school's annual musical competition.You can also tell which grade students are in by the color of their tie: first years wear a blue tie, second years wear a red tie, and third years wear a black tie.You have been selected to take part in a Selection contest, so you have to train your music skills.When the school decides to hold a concours, the school selects a small group of music students to participate in a 4-round tournament.In each round the student performs a concert and all the contestants are ranked.

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2016 ERASED (Kayo), Boku no Hero Academia (Tsuyu), Ace Attorney (Mayoi), Tanaka-kun (Rino)... The main character here sort of developed relationship with the other characters slowly and more natural. ^^ It would be funny and interesting if they pair up Kahoko with Fuyumi instead of the bishies. PS: I heard from somewhere that in the game, you can have a Fuyumi ending (meaning pairing up with her as Kahoko). To clear up a bit of key terms that weren't pointed out well in the sub: * The sub says "normal school" but I prefer the way the manga translates it -- "general education school", or the "gen ed school".