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"Modern" couples, with their cellphones and e-mail, appear periodically, along with lists of tips.At the end of the book, there are tests for determining which Austen characters female readers (and their "current love interests") resemble.Now, she helps readers discover their inner heroines and get the guy in this witty book of romance and dating strategies.Utilizing wisdom inspired by Jane Austen's novels, from Sense and Sensibility to Pride and Prejudice and beyond, author Lauren Henderson creates an indispensable guide for navigating the all-too-mystifying dating scene.

It might even boast connections to the classic author du jour.This is strategic planning to be sure, but the book lacks deeper insights.It will, however, generate demand owing to Kent's scheduled media appearances. Warren, psychologist and creator of the successful online matchmaker e Harmony.com, has assembled a guide based on his research and insights from the 2500 successful marriages fostered by the web site.Always a popular topic, true love is the focus of many self-help books coming out the next two months.Novelist Henderson (My Lurid Past) puts a twist on the usual advice by using characters from Jane Austen's novels as case studies.

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