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Danny has earned himself a reputation as a Challenge hot-head with a quick temper.

Loud and ferocious, Danny has never been one to keep his opinions to himself.

The girls competing this season are Amy, Dani, and Camilla from season eight, making this the first season of Love Games to feature three girls from the same Bad Girls Club season, as well as the first to feature a replacement Bad Girl as a cast member.

A challenge puts the bachelors in the hot seat when everyone gets to hear clips from their interviews.

They began dating and quickly captured the hearts of fans everywhere, who were mesmerized by their storybook romance.

After their show ended, Danny proposed to Melinda and the two sweethearts tied the knot into wedded bliss. After a short time their fairy-tale ending came crashing down and the couple divorced.

After the funeral, he returned to Austin to pursue a budding romance with his roommate Melinda. But will the relationship survive the pressures of the game?

When the teams banded together to dissolve the Austin alliance at Fresh Meat, Danny and his partner Ev were the first to go.

A nice guy by day, when night falls, Danny often loses his temper and his sanity.

Despite multiple tries, he has never won a Challenge and it's starting to eat at him.

Within days of getting engaged the happy couple along with fellow Austin roommates Wes and Johanna headed to Australia for the Fresh Meat Challenge. The veterans immediately targeted them for exile -- a fuming Danny and his partner Ev were on the next plane home.

With one Challenge under his belt, will Danny get the respect that he thinks he deserves?

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Now reunited and on the same team after three years apart, will Danny and Melinda be able to work together to win money?