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They are well-educated, highly skilled, passionate about what they do, providing tech skills and work opportunities for other young people… As I sat with them, laughed with them, cried with them, and listened to their stories, it struck me that they’re not too different from my millennial Preemptive Love colleagues in the US. His team came up with an app that helps to solve his community’s plastic waste problem.

It’s just the edges of their lives that are so different. We launched our first tech hub in Iraq in 2017, as Iraqi forces were declaring victory in the war with ISIS.

The idea was to provide a space where young people, many of whom have been affected by years of war, can become entrepreneurs, coders, and freelancers.

He also knows eight computer programming languages.

I asked him how he feels about the way his generation uses technology.

: We can use our mobiles not to just scroll down on Facebook or Twitter, on Instagram.

And if your idea of Iraq is what you’ve seen on TV, you might be in for a surprise. Jeremy Courtney, Jessica Courtney, and JR Pershall are executive producers.

Love Anyway is written and produced by Kayla Craig, Ben Irwin, and Erin Wilson. SPeople think that Iraqis don’t have dreams and don’t have wishes and don’t have the ability.

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The oldest millennials have lived through 6 major wars.

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