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Their exact opposite type would be The Executive, which is an ESTJ (extroverted, sensing, thinking, judging).By accessing your natural reactions in social settings, personal decisions, relationships, and career choices, the results of the test can place you within one of the above listed types. As humans, we are very unique people with no one being exactly like the other, but many of the general insight offered to each personality type resonates well.By answering the 100 questions as accurately as possible, or using the official test for .99, you can discover your own personality type.Each letter in the acronym for each type stands for a different meaning.

Though they offer no special features that revolve around MBTI, you can use your own knowledge to filter through members.

Each type has been well-researched by professional Anthropologists and broken down to explain how the mind’s of each type work. Getting a better understanding of yourself and how you function is always some valuable insight that could help you in your dating life.

Plus, by researching your partner or crush’s own type, you can see a little more how react, and get to know them better on a level of deep understanding.

There are 16 different types of people in the world, as determined by the creators of the questionnaire, and it’s been proven to be extremely accurate.

You can take the free MBTI placement test for yourself and discover which of the 16 personality profiles you fit into best.

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Many times, online dating is compared to no-life losers in their mom’s basement, which is , harmful stereotype for online dating.