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Intimidating other guys

Still, there’s definitely a point where your intelligence intimidates us.

If you have an advanced degree, went to an Ivy League school, or you’re a champion, we may be a little worried that being around you on a regular basis will make us feel stupid.

In fact, for many guys, it makes you more appealing than the other girls in the room.

The problem is that we know these women don’t actually need us.

Your high-class appearance Again, if this is the real you, then you shouldn’t go out of your way to change who you are.

However, men can sometimes be wary to approach a woman who’s dressed in high-end fashion, wearing expensive jewelry, or even drinking a martini rather than a beer.

We also struggle to understand how women like this find the energy to keep up that lifestyle.

However, meeting a woman like that can make us question whether we’re good enough for you, which can make us back off.That means we have to work extra hard to impress you and convince you that we’re worth being in your life.The prospect of doing so can be intimidating for some guys, whether you realize it or not.If you exude wealth and class, it can be intimidating and make us guys question whether we have what it takes to win your heart or fit your OK, so intelligence in a woman can definitely be sexy.

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But hear me out—if you’re the head of a company or an authority figure in a major organization, that’s intimidating.

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